Garbage Bin Art

While most garbage bins are dominated by advertising or messages from the local council, there’s a handful of garbage bins in Lismore featuring the work of local artists.

I noticed them only today, having walked through the Back Alley Gallery which I’ve previously blogged about.

There was an article in a recent edition of the local paper which explains more about the works.

The article notes the works appear as the result of a competition which received about 50 entries.

Lismore City Council Mayor Vanessa Ekins congratulated the six winning artists and thanked those who entered. ‘The winning artwork reflects the diversity of our community and will draw visitors into our fantastic vibrant laneways, which is great for our CBD businesses,’ she said.

Everything Lismore by Nina Hurr.
The Heart of Lismore by Rebekkah Cottam⁠.
Birds & Bats by Morgan Beresford 
Cattle Dog & Rainbow by Mish Moran.
Respect & Effort by Rasharnie Smith.
Interwoven: People & Place by Carmen Grady

I think all the works are terrific, and I think it’s awesome they’re now appearing in town. Far more appealing, in my view, than advertising.

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    1. Maybe have a word to your council? Clearly there would be some costs, but the benefits to the community, and to promoting local artists would be amazing.. In the City of Sydney, there’s art on construction site hoardings which is pretty awesome too.

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