Eskilstuna Day Trip

So anyway, I hit the town last night in expectation of a big night in Stockholm. It had been a warm day, the homos had arrived for Europride, it was a full-moon, and you just knew it was gonna be a big one.… Read the rest

Stockholm Archipelago

“It’s a gay day here in Stockholm”, we were told by the nice bloke on the tour-boat this afternoon. Even though the boat was mostly full of Swedish mums, dads and kids, it was a way, I think of making me and the American bloke feel welcome also.… Read the rest

Summer Evening

You know the noisy Aussie bloke in the hostel? I ran into him outside the hostel at about one o’clock this morning. I’m not sure how long he had been there for, but he had been struggling for a while with the “complex” locking system on the door.… Read the rest

Saved The Day

When I got back to the hostel tonight at about 7.30, I thought for a while I might have wasted the day. I spent the day at the media conference I’d planned to attend, and to be frank, I found it a little boring, and not really at the level of research and debate I’d hoped.… Read the rest

World Gets Smaller

The world continues to be far too small, as I ran into a former colleague today. “Julie, Julie Posetti?’, I said, looking across at her as we walked up the stairs together, Julie used to work for the ABC in Wollongong, but is now based at the University of Canberra, where she lectures in journalism.… Read the rest