Faux Swedish

I have had a day pretending to be Swedish. I mean, I don’t look Swedish, and I don’t sound Swedish, and for the most part, I was probably a complete failure.… Read the rest

Stockholm by Night

It’s two weeks today since I left Sydney and it’s been a day of meeting Australians. I met a lovely couple from Melbourne on a tour today and we had a good old chin wag.… Read the rest

My Best Investment

This morning, over breakfast at the hostel, I recognised a guy I saw in a bar last night on Sodermalm. “Hello”, I thought to myself. That’s a bit freaky. And then as I got on the train this morning, I recognised another guy I’d seen in a bar a few nights ago.… Read the rest

An ABBA Fan in Sweden

Since I arrived in Sweden, this is my first real chance to sit down and write about my trip from an ABBA fan’s perspective. Coming from Australia, it’s a long way to Europe, and it costs a lot of money.… Read the rest

Swedish Summertime

It’s mid-afternoon and I’m sitting in a park on Djurgarden, one of the many islands of Stockholm. And I’m doing exactly what thousands of people are doing here right now: sitting around doing nothing andenjoying the Swedish summer.… Read the rest