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  • Summer Night City

    Summer Night City

    To get to the island of Skeppsholmen, you need to cross a small bridge. Once on the other side, you notice instantly how different the mood is from the main business district of Stockholm.… Read the rest

  • The International Language

    The International Language

    One of the odd things about staying in a Youth Hostel is the uncertainty of which language to use. Over breakfast this morning, for example, I didn’t know whether to “God Morgon”, “Good Morning” or “Guten Tag”.… Read the rest

  • My First Day

    My First Day

    It’s Sunday night at about six o’clock, and to be honest I had no idea what time it was until I switched my computer on. The long days are very confusing.… Read the rest

  • Stockholm – I’ve Arrived

    Stockholm – I’ve Arrived

    When I first mentioned to people at work I was coming to Sweden most of them instantly dismissed it as “the big ABBA trip”. A lot of ABBA fans did too, assuming I’d be spending most of my time hanging out waiting for a sighting of the famous four.… Read the rest