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Listening device or anti-social device?
Listening device or anti-social device?

I realised last night what an anti-social creature I’ve become. To avoid conversation and contact with other human beings while on the bus to Circular Quay, I actually put my headphones on without the sound playing. It was actually quite good, as the headphones both blocked out the sound, and gave me the ability to appear invisible.

That’s what headphones do you know. They allow you a moment of quiet in an otherwise busy city. And for the less socially conscious, they allow you ignore people begging for money without appearing to be heartless. Sorry, that’s being a tad cynical.

I was on my way into the city to see “Up Close & Musical” at Sydney Theatre. While many would think of nothing but sleep at 11.15pm, I really love the idea of late night cabaret and I’m really pleased it was well-attended.

Star of the show was Genevieve Lemon (currently Priscilla Queen of the Desert) who has lost a significant amount of weight, by the way. She sang some great songs and was warmly welcomed by the audience.

Supporting her were Jennifer Peers (a beautiful voice and loads of fun with a routine where she sang a classical piece with her own humorous surtitle) along with Luke Barron and Jason Langley.

A great night out, especially since the $18 (I was shouted, actually) also included a generous glass of wine.

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  1. Out of interest, do you remember what Genevieve sang? I’m heading up to see Pippin on the 18th, and hope to see the Simon Burke lead show that night.

  2. She started off with one of those old 1940s songs, which I remember being redone in the 1980s called “Where The Boys Are”.

    She also did that number which I can never remember the name of about the woman who hates going to the opera, though her boyfriend loves it. It’s sung fast and with “clever” lyrics, if you know what I mean. Oh dear, what’s it called?

    There was another song which I’ve forgotten (I had a second glass of wine by this time).

    And then she finished off with a song about a woman with breast cancer from Matthew Robinson’s musical, “Metro Street”. Matthew, by the way was in the audience, and Jason Langley also sang one of the songs.

    I’m also planning to go the Simon Burke late night show, as I quite enjoyed the show he presented on Foxtel last year.

    Late night cabaret is such a great thing… here’s to more of it!

  3. the song about the woman who hates going to the opera to which you refer is called “It’s a Good Thing He Can’t Read my Mind” written by Christine Lavin

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