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  • The Sports Gene

    The Sports Gene

    As this is my second sports-related post in a row, you might be thinking “What’s happening with James? Where are the show tunes and theatre reviews you’ve come to associate with me and this blog?”

    The truth is I don’t really have much of a sports gene. As a child I was never naturally gifted in that area.… Read the rest “The Sports Gene”

  • Swedish Day at the Ice Hockey in Melbourne

    Swedish Day at the Ice Hockey in Melbourne

    You know the character, “Ronald Niedermann” in one of the episodes of the Swedish TV production of “The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo?”. He has a congential condition where he has no feelings of pain, and subsequent attempts to kill him off are completely unsuccessful. In the films, he has a steely gaze which basically says “don’t F… with me”.… Read the rest “Swedish Day at the Ice Hockey in Melbourne”

  • Stockholm or Sydney?

    Stockholm or Sydney?

    As I looked down on the ice and saw the surname, “Dahlberg” on the back of player number twenty-seven, I thought for a moment I could have been in Stockholm. Except for the fact I’ve never actually seen an ice-hockey match played in Sweden. In fact, this was my first ever ice-hockey match, and the man called Dahlberg was playing for “Melbourne Ice”, playing the “Sydney Bears” at the ice-hockey rink located inside the shopping centre opposite Sydney’s Macquarie University.… Read the rest “Stockholm or Sydney?”