Classic Radio Drama

Though there’s a temptation to think the days of radio drama are long dead, that’s not the case. As a child growing up in the 70s/80s, comedy programs like Chuck Chunder, How Green Was My Cactus etc, continued to be a daily ritual for me. Later in the morning, mum would listen to The Castlereagh Line. In my first full-time radio job in the late 1980s, at 2WEB Bourke, we were still playing Dad & Dave every morning at 5.45.

Although radio, these days, consists mostly of a presenter (or group of presenters) sitting in a studio talking into microphones, decades ago, radio was often performed on a stage. On the last Sunday of each month, the Blue Mountains Radio Players bring to life, the classic era of radio drama and comedy. Put simply, a group of around a dozen people take to the stage, and recreate what were once live to air radio dramas.

Juliette Palmer Frederick
Juliette Palmer Frederick

Last weekend, I went along to watch and listen, and recorded a couple of interviews which I turned in to a short radio package.

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