Grocery Deliveries

There was an early morning rush for the front door, as the buzzer range loudly at about 6.15am Sunday. The buzzer for my front door was recently replaced, and the the ringer is maybe a little bit loud. So when it rang I was awoken suddenly, and went into a bit of a panic. And then it rang again.

I had ordered grocery delivery for the 6 AM to 9 AM window, but I was expecting them closer to the end of the window.… Read the rest “Grocery Deliveries”

The traffic fairy

The traffic fairy was against us today, I texted my physio, Peita, just before her arrival. Parking is usually at a premium on weekdays on the street where I live, but “magically” she’s been able to locate a spot each week right outside the building, hence the adoption of the phrase, “the traffic fairy”.

That wasn’t the case today. As I watched and waited for car spaces to become available, I knew we had a challenge ahead.… Read the rest “The traffic fairy”

Hey, it’s me down here

Though I knew it happened “in theory,” I’ve been surprised by the number of times people have spoken to my friend or support worker instead of me, now that I’m usually seated below regular line of sight in a wheelchair.

One of the worst spaces for being below the line of sight is the prescription counter of many pharmacies. They’ve been designed, I assume, with the pharmacist in a standing position behind the counter. Seated in a wheelchair, I’ve been far too low behind the counter to be able to easily get the attention of the staff.… Read the rest “Hey, it’s me down here”

Little Things

You know how it is: you go to the doctor, and they ask you what you eat, drink, smoke, and take, and you’re not entirely honest. The experience of the last few months has made me far more open and honest about everything, and not in the slightest embarrassed.

For example, this morning I said to the occupational therapist, “This is my bed, and this is my urine bottle.” “And how often do you use it?”,… Read the rest “Little Things”