Lucia in Sydney

The young woman chosen to represent Lucia always seems to be a “typical” blonde Swede, and so that’s why I really loved that today’s Lucia broke the tradition, with dark hair and a nose ring. Though the actual Saint Lucy’s Day is December 13, every year the Swedish Church in Sydney presents the celebration a […]

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Watson’s Bay and Luciatåg

There was a moment when I thought to myself “this is a pretty weird spot” to be taking some visitors from overseas. The way we ended up at The Gap (the infamous spot where many Sydneysiders take their own lives) was quite accidental. One of our visitors had been to Australia a few years ago […]

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Luciatåg i Sydney

Over the years I’ve seen and read a fair bit about the Lucia Day celebrations in Sweden. Until today, however, I’ve never actually seen one in the flesh. It was a real draw-card for me today as I headed to the “Julmarknad” (“Christmas Market”) held at Sydney’s Lutheran Church in Goulburn Street. Despite the name […]

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