Billennium Waves by Tang Nannan

The Dark Matters at Sydney’s White Rabbit Gallery

I really love the notes which accompany the video work, “Billenium Waves”, by the artist, Tang Nannan, “Waves are the mountains of the sea” he says “and mountains are the waves of the land. They just rise and fall at different rates”. How cool is that? It’s one of

Vile Bodies at White Rabbit

As I’ve mentioned here previously, I’m a huge fan of Sydney’s White Rabbit Gallery. Dedicated to works made in the 21st century, the White Rabbit Collection is owned by Judith Neilson, who was inspired to establish it on a 2001 trip to Beijing. Judith and her husband are seriously

White Rabbit

“This is a REAL gallery”, I said to my friend Kate today, as we wandered around the recently opened White Rabbit Collection. While I like pretty pictures, I also really like challenging art work, and there was plenty of it to be found at the White Rabbit Gallery, just