Parbury Ruins

The last couple of days in Sydney have been extremely warm, with temperatures in the mid-30s. Today was a terrific day to head underground, to visit a place with a climate resembling a wine cellar.

The Parbury Ruins, at Miller’s Point, were uncovered only a few years ago during the construction of an apartment block. Now preserved for the future, the ruins of what was once a nineteenth-century free-standing house with harbour views, are now preserved for the future, located underneath the apartment block.… Read the rest “Parbury Ruins”

Surry Hills Architecture Walk

“I can’t believe how much the building has changed in less than a decade”, I thought to myself, as I reviewed the photographs from the first time I did the Surry Hills Architecture Walk, almost ten years ago, comparing them with the photographs I took today. I’m referring specifically to the Greenway-designed “Surry Hills Cottage”. In 2007, it was resplendent; in 2016, it’s surrounded by hoardings, a statue out the front has been stolen, and it’s looking a little worse for wear.… Read the rest “Surry Hills Architecture Walk”

Redfern Architecture Walk

“What do you think the inside of a radio station would look like…?”, Terrence asked. We were standing on the footpath, admiring the facade of Koori Radio, as part of a tour of Sydney’s Redfern by the Architectural Association. It’s the kind of question a large group would, undoubtedly, have had a multitude of answers, based largely on what they’ve seen on television and film. The difference this time was there was no “large group” to answer the question: there was just me.… Read the rest “Redfern Architecture Walk”