Thirteen Dollar Schooner

If it was for a “pint”, I would have understood paying $13 for a beer, but it was for only a “schooner”. A “schooner” is 425ml, significantly less than the 600ml you would find with a “pint”.

The last time I paid $13 for a schooner of beer was at the Beach Hotel in Byron Bay, and I remember being a little shocked.

In most Sydney bars, you’ll pay between $7 and $9 for a schooner.… Read the rest “Thirteen Dollar Schooner”

Friday Afternoon at Coogee

So it’s Friday afternoon, you’re sitting at home in a t-shirt and shorts, and a friend texts you to say “I need a drink”. A tough week at work, apparently. So you agree to meet for a bite to eat, and can’t decide where to go. “Let’s go to the beach somewhere”, we decided, agreeing quickly on Coogee. “Of all the Eastern suburbs beaches, it’s my favourite, I declared”. “Besides the people on the 372 bus are much nicer than those on the 393 or the 395”, I added.… Read the rest “Friday Afternoon at Coogee”

Coogee @ Dawn

In the kind of pattern you follow when you mow grass, there were three or four men with metal detectors on Coogee Beach this morning, methodically making their way up and down the sand. Along with a couple of early morning walkers, a few English backpackers still out from the night before, some council workers, and a young couple getting far more intimate than I thought was polite in the open air, the metal detector men were in charge of Coogee Beach at about six o’clock this morning.… Read the rest “Coogee @ Dawn”