Imagine, if you would, half a dozen people aged from 25 to 70 all seated around a couple of tables at an inner-city bar in Sydney. On the tables in front of us were a couple of packs of dominoes. Without hesitation, under the influence of a couple of happy hour priced beers, the packets were opened and the dominoes were being distributed. Very suddenly, however, we all realised it was so long since any of us had played the game none of us could really remember the rules.… Read the rest “Dominoes”

Drinking on NYE

As I was catching a cab home last night, I took a photograph out of the window of the crowd enjoying their NYE in Sydney.

It was then I had what I thought at the time was a deeply philosophical thought. “Why do they drink so much on NYE”, I thought to myself. “Is it to forget the past year or prepare for the next”?, I thought to myself.

The reason why people drink alcohol is fairly complex.… Read the rest “Drinking on NYE”