Richmond River High School

I burst into tears at about 9.30 on Thursday morning. It wasn’t one of those deep heartfelt moments of grief like the death of a family member or friend. But still, it was a moment of grief.

My old school friend, Anne, shared on Facebook a media release from the NSW Department of Education, saying it’s very unlikely our old school will re-open on the same site, following the catastrophic flood in Lismore.

Based on the Department of Education’s site visits and assessments, all buildings except block A, are beyond repair and deemed unsalvageable.

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Revisiting RRHS and Lismore Farmers Market

I’m pretty sure the last time I visited my old high school was around the time of our class reunion in 2004.

This morning, I took a trip down memory lane, revisiting the school, albeit not venturing onto school grounds. There’s a fence around the school now, as befits the changing times, with concerns around safety for the students, the staff and the school property.

A few other things have changed, too, such as the nearby sports ground and the school farm.… Read the rest “Revisiting RRHS and Lismore Farmers Market”