It’s Mariel

It’s Wednesday night and I’ve just had McDonalds for dinner. A bit sad? Maybe, but quite enjoyable. I spent a couple of hours at the pub after work today (4-6pm) and after a couple of hours drinking, there’s nothing quite like a Big Mac. Despite my fondness for such fast food, I’m losing a few kilograms and I’m getting a little colour. By the time I arrive in Sydney, despite the Big Mac, you’ll see a slightly different person. As with Muriel in “Muriel’s Wedding” who changed her name to “Mariel”, should I also consider a name change? Perhaps I will. Who knows?

I woke up this morning to a spectacular monsoon rain storm. Although I’ve been her for nearly two weeks, there hasn’t been any sign of precipitation in that time. Waking up to monsoonal rains – i.e. the rain falling sideways – was both a welcome change and an insight into Top End weather. Even some locals were surprised. At breakfast this morning at a cafe near home, an old bloke said to me in a laconic manner, “Well, the dry didn’t last very long, did it”.

The only other exciting things to have occured in the last few days have been work-related. Everyone seems to like me and to like what I have to say.

The next few days offer excitement in the form of the V8 Cars. Each year in Darwin there’s a big car race…. you know the rest.

For the weekend, I’m looking towards a fishing trip and a visit by Simply Barbra.

I got a phone call and email from Rachael today. She’s coming up to spend some time in Darwin, arriving Monday. The combination of me, Penny, Kate and now Rachael all in Darwin at the same time…. “Lock up your daughters… lock up your sons”!

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