Flash Car on Crown Street

Rolls in The Hills
Rolls in The Hills

The flash car outside the pizza shop was attracting a lot of attention tonight.

While I was inside waiting for my Chicken Calzone, there was a steady stream of people stopping for a closer look at the Silver Rolls with the personalized number-plate, “Rolln”.

I feel no shame in giving the number plate, by the way, as I figure the combination of flash car and personalized plate means you just want to be noticed.

Meanwhile I was sitting inside wearing my tracky-dacks because it was a tracky-dacks kind of day for me.

After a few drinks last night and an online chat with Sue, I hit the sack and slept most of the morning. Even though I woke and watched a little of The Simpsons, I went back to sleep for a while, eventually waking up just before lunch.

Today, frankly, I didn’t do much at all. “It was time for a rest”, I felt my body telling me.

I had a work-related matter to attend to this afternoon, but that was reasonably straightforward, so for most of the day I’ve been listening to music and watching downloaded television programs.

There were some current seasons episodes of “The Simpsons” – which were okay, not memorable – as well as a new HBO series about a male school teacher going through a mid-life crisis who becomes a male prostitute which is quite good.

The moment of greatest sadness, though, was that suddenly I’m no longer able to download Swedish TV’s nightly news program because they’ve detected my au i.p. address. I did, however, discover SVT Play which offers a variety of Swedish programs for online viewing, a bit like the ABC’s iview.

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