More Choice in Surry Hills

Advertising Aldi outside the Surry Hills Mall
Advertising Aldi outside the Surry Hills Mall

There was a time, I remember reading, when the supermarket chain Aldi would never advertise. Aside from shop openings, and their weekly “specials” the company has had a “no frills” approach to advertising the other supermarket chains could possibly learn from.

Tonight, there’s a lone bloke standing outside the Surry Hills Mall with a sandwich board advertising the opening of a new Aldi store on the corner of Bourke Street and Danks Street.

That brings to “three”, the number of new supermarkets in the area since I moved here seventeen years ago. For a long long time it was the rather average Coles. And then Woolworths opened near St Margarets a few years ago. And now, closer to the Moore Park housing complex (or Moore Park Housing Commission as some people call it), there’s another Woolworths and now an Aldi. It’s been fascinating to see such growth.

I must check it out later in the week.

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