Meeting Magnus Carlsson at Golden Times in Stockholm

You Know It’s Christmas In A Week And A Day

As I’ve previously mentioned here, I’m a fan of Swedish pop singer, Magnus Carlsson. With Christmas coming “in a week and a day”, this is one of my favourite songs from him.

The jolly season is aproaching fast
Giving us a reason to be happy at last
I just wanna give you
The best that I have got
And it’s yours to keep
Waiting under the tree

You know it’s christmas in a week and a day
And I just can’t figure out what to give away
So I just wrap myself in paper for you baby

And then the christmas is past and long gone away
I’ll be right in your arms with a card that says
That I love you –
Merry christmas to you baby

We’re far from strangers
You’ve got a special glow
When we’re making angels in the beautiful snow
I just wanna give you
The love of my heart
And it’s yours to keep
Waiting under the tree

And here’s the full song.

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  1. Andrew

    I think I could be a fan of Magnus too. Right, I’d better listen to some of his music.

    1. James O'Brien

      Here’s another example of his “music” you might like Andrew.

  2. James O'Brien

    If you’re looking to learn Swedish, Andrew, I’d highly recommend his music. His diction is very good. And in case you were in absolutely no doubt about it – he’s on our team.

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