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  • Stockholm’s Soccer Fever

    Stockholm’s Soccer Fever

    Stockholm is abuzz with soccer fever. In the centre of town, the main part of Kungstradgarden is dedicated to a major display surrounding the UEFA Cup. There’s the actual cup, which you can have your photograph taken with, along with demonstrations of soccer played by people with a disability etc.

    I watched for a while and watched the match to be played by people, to demonstrate some of the issues facing people who are colour-blind.… Read the rest “Stockholm’s Soccer Fever”

  • Take The Other Turn

    Take The Other Turn

    I was on my way to see a new exhibition at the ABBA Museum, highlighting the artists who have appeared over the years at Stockholm’s amusement park, Grona Lund. However, as I got off the ferry, I took a right turn instead of a left. I’ve long been on the view that it’s often a good idea to take “the road less travelled”.… Read the rest “Take The Other Turn”

  • Early Riser

    Early Riser

    Even though I have been told on a few occasions, I should keep the blind closed at night, due to the early morning sunrise, I have not bothered much with the advice. I quite like waking up early, and I quite like waking up naturally, you might say, with the sunshine.… Read the rest “Early Riser”

  • Settling in to Stockholm

    Settling in to Stockholm

    One of the things I really love about the public transport system (in the centre of town at least) is, for the most part you never have to run to catch the subway (Tunnelbana). Of course there are times when you’ll need to run, for the most part if you miss one, another one will arrive soon.… Read the rest “Settling in to Stockholm”

  • Summer in Stockholm

    Summer in Stockholm

    “You really must come back to Sweden in the spring or summer”, I wrote to my friend Sue yesterday, attaching a bunch of photographs from my morning walk around Djurgården. Sue came with me to Sweden four years ago, in March, when there was still a lot of snow and ice around.… Read the rest “Summer in Stockholm”

  • Stockholm Under Construction

    Stockholm Under Construction

    The last time I was in Stockholm (July 2015), the debate about the deconstruction and reconstruction of Slussen (the main transport interchange in the middle of the city) was in full flight. Although the plans were well-known by then, there was still a strong voice of resistance to the planned changes.… Read the rest “Stockholm Under Construction”

  • Valborg 2013

    Valborg 2013

    This is Valborg, a pagan festival still happening each year in Sweden! This video was from 2013. I loved it, though it was a little bit warm, being so close to the fire. One of the things I love about this video is the combination of English (Australian and American) and Swedish, and the fact, when you see the crowd, you see the modern face of multicultural Sweden

  • Stockholm for a Week or Two

    Stockholm for a Week or Two

    There’s a couple of people I know who are planning to spend between one or two weeks in Stockholm next year, during the months of April and May.

    Based on my own experiences of being in Stockholm during that time of the year (and other times of the year), here are a few handy tips I’ve prepared for them, which you might find useful also.… Read the rest “Stockholm for a Week or Two”

  • The New Stockholm

    The New Stockholm

    I hope this is helpful if you’re ever planning to visit Stockholm. I appeared earlier tonight on ABC Local Radio’s “Nightlife” with Tony Delroy, in his “Travel Spot” talking about Stockholm.