New Year’s Day

“How was your week?”, my cousin Matthew asked me at Ballina Airport this afternoon. “Pretty relaxing, considering I was working most days”, I told him. Since arriving home on Christmas Day I’ve been pretty much connected to my phone and computer most days. I’ve also visited the Lismore office

Random Sydney Driver

“Can I take your picture? I’ll laminate it and put it on my car”, the man said to me, as I stopped and looked at his “unique” vehicle. I’ve reached the point in life where I’m more likely to say, “Sure, why not?”, than “Why”? Pretty soon, it seems,

Sydney Sunrise

“Some people told me this is a good place to take photographs”, the young woman said to me with a smile. We were the only two people at the top of the circular tower at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. She was a twenty-something woman visiting from Japan, and she