Lismore Laneways

“There was a lot more hair than I thought there was going to be”, the hairdresser said to me today, as she finished up my haircut. As someone with very little hair on my head, I guess this came as a surprise to her, as large clumps of hair fell to the ground.

Normally, I’d pop into one of the salons close to home, and the job (a simple clipper cut) is over and done within about ten minutes. But this cut took a little longer.

I have a vague recollection of visiting her salon previously, though it’s been quite some time. That hers was predominantly a female hair dressing salon, meant she seemed to take a little extra time and care with me. I also asked for a beard-trim.

I’ve been home in Lismore for almost two weeks. Having come home without packing my beard-trimmer, my appearance has been starting to look a bit “scrappy”. And so when I finished work today, and wandered home, I looked in earnest for a walk-in hairdresser.

One of the things that quite surprised me today was the seemingly large number of hair dressing salons to be found in the central business district of Lismore, especially in the laneways and arcades.

And as I wandered around looking for somewhere, I also took a bit of time to look at some of the laneway art. Even though I’ve blogged about it previously, and I thought I’d seen ALL of the laneway art of Lismore, I made a few new discoveries today.

“Reasons To Be Cheeful (Part Three)” was a song by 1970s/1980s performer, Ian Dury (And The Blockheads). He had a bunch of novelty/punk songs that I remember from my teenage years, including the songs, “I Want To Be Straight”, “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick” and this song. Seeing this today made me smile.
The Dirty Laundry Project is about eliminating domestic violence.
I have no idea who this is, or who the artist is, but it made me smile.
And of course, Lismore also has a “Rainbow Crossing”. Haircut and beard-trip complete!

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